Consistent Heat & Air Checks can save you money

Evansville Heating and Air Conditioning use highly trained service technicians to: inspect your furnace or air conditioner, clean areas as needed and look for trouble spots to avoid outages. During the inspection, the technician also provides advice to customers on ways to keep the system in great operating condition. This will help your system last longer and ultimately save you money.

Extend the Life of your System

Maintenance on your air conditioner and furnace is incredibly important to extend the life cycle of your system. These are huge investments and need to be taken care of much like a vehicle. Instead of oil changes, air conditioners and furnaces need check ups. We would suggest to have your air conditioner maintained before the summer months become too hot. HVAC Contractors become much busier once the temperature hits 90 and it's harder to get an appointment around town. The only thing worse than your air conditioner breaking down is having it broken down for more than a few hours.

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